All-in-One Lice Kit by Novokid

The all-natural lice kit scientifically proven to get rid of lice and nits for good!

The Novokid head lice kit includes everything you need to kill lice, super lice, and nits with a simple, dry-hair treatment:

Novokid reusable vapor device

Reusable, one-size treatment cap

4 treatment capsules - vinegar and rosemary oil-based

Lice comb

$ 69.90



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How to use the Novokid lice kit

The lice treatment kit has everything you need to safely, effectively treat lice and nits.

1 Prep

Secure the lice treatment cap around the hairline, making sure that ears and hair ends are tucked inside the cap. Gently squeeze out excess air.

2 Treat

Connect the all-natural lice treatment capsule to the rear of the cap and to the device tube. Start the device to begin filling the cap. Wait for the treatment to complete—about 10 minutes.

3 Disconnect and dispose

Disconnect and dispose of the capsule. Remove the cap by carefully pulling it over the back of the head, away from the face. Use a lice comb to remove dead lice and nits if desired.

For detailed instructions, see “How to Use” or follow the instructions included with your lice kit.


Novokid is a plant-based lice treatment based on vinegar and rosemary oil. Novokid is 100% all-natural, with no chemicals or pesticides, and is silicone-free.

Head Lice Symptoms

The first symptom of head lice is often itching, as a result of insects moving along the scalp and/or a mild allergic reaction to bites. You may also see small white insects or eggs (nits) on the scalp or base of hair follicles.

Identifying Head Lice

Head lice are white or off-white insects that are about the size of a sesame seed—very small but still visible to the naked eye. They have a larger abdomen and six legs, but no wings. Nits are tiny eggs attached to the base of the hair, near the scalp. They are visible, but much harder to see. Nits are sometimes mistaken for flakes of dandruff or hair product, but can be distinguished because they don’t blow or comb away.


Prevent head lice from spreading by avoiding head-to-head or hair-to-hair contact with the infected individual. Complete lice treatment quickly and thoroughly clean any items that have come in contact with the infested hair in the previous 48 hours. Head lice only live on human hosts, so pets are not a concern.

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