Complete Lice Treatment Kit



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Lice & Nits Kit

Dry and Natural Way to Remove Lice

The Novokid head lice kit includes:
  • Novokid Lice Treatment Device
  • 4 Novokid Treatment Capsules
  • Reusable Treatment Cap
  • Lice Comb
  • User Manual

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100% natural and plant based

Simple 10-minute treatment

Pesticide free

Silicon free

No need to shampoo or wash

Scientifically proven

Product Information

Lice Removal Kit

As parents, we know how frustrating removing lice from your child’s hair can be. That moment when you see them scratch their heads one too many times you know you’re in for tedious work. That’s why we created Novokid Natural Lice Removal Kit.

Our scientifically proven Complete Head Lice Treatment Kit is simple and hassle-free. Just 10-minutes without the need for shampoo and leaves no mess.

The starter kit has everything you need to eliminate lice and nits and prevent them from coming back in the future.

This reusable device is based on a unique vaporizing (evaporation) technology using natural ingredients contained in the disposable capsules and protected by a safe, disposable head cap.

100% natural and contains no pesticides or silicones

Widely considered the best lice treatment kit

Suitable for kids ages 4 and up.

Series: Novokid

Ages: 4 years or older 

Process time: 10 minutes

Consumer Newsletter: The consumer Newsletter should be read before use

Contains: Does not contain pesticides or silicones. 

Instructions: Care must be taken with adult supervision.
For optimal results and to maintain a clean head and healthy hair, it is recommended to do this once a week.

Storage recommendations: Store in a dry place in the original package

Warning: For external use. Keep the product out of the reach of children. The capsule should not be used after the expiry date. 

Lice & eggs elimination has never been more natural!

Lice & eggs elimination has never been more natural!


Place the cap over the head


Place the cap
over the head


Connect the capsule
to the cap and device


Connect the capsule
to the cap and device


Turn on the device
and wait for 10 minutes


Turn on the device
and wait for 10 minutes

How to use

Order Novokid now and eliminate the lice and eggs
Order Novokid now and eliminate the lice and eggs


Novokid was certified as a CE approved (Class I Medical Device) as well as by the MHRA and the Israeli Ministry of Health. (no. 28130001)

Novokid is designed for use from 4 years of age and under adult supervision. The head cap is one-size and the Novokid treatment is also suitable for adults.

Novokid is a plant-based anti-lice treatment that is 100% natural based on vinegar and Rosemary oil. Novokid has no chemical, pesticides and is silicone free. The Novokid reusable device is based on a unique vaporizing (evaporation) technology of the natural ingredients contained in the disposable capsules. With our unique vapor technology, the vinegar and Rosemary oil are injected in a dry vapor form into the head cap, filling it up while softening the hair from root to tips that allows a much more smooth dry combing experience. Once the 10 treatment are over, remove the cap and comb the hair with the provided lice comb as instructed in the user manual.

Novokid capsules are disposable and free from chemical, pesticides and silicone, containing vinegar and rosemary oil. These are natural, plant-based components. The treatment is dry and short and non-greasy; therefore, it does not require a hair wash.

The Novokid device and the treatment cap are reusable. The treatment capsules are disposable, one capsule is required for each treatment and should be disposed after use.

Please note that hair must be completely dry, free from creams, gels, lotions and hair accessories. Ears should be completely covered by the hair cap and the silicone band placed straight and tight over the forehead.

It is important to make sure that the cap fully covers the hair and ears. Also, before beginning the treatment, be sure to squeeze out all air out from the cap, in order to maintain the high concentration of active ingredients inside the cap. When connecting the capsule, a “click” sounds will be heard and the cap will fully inflate over the head.

Novokid treatment is dry, the remaining smell of vinegar and Rosemary will evaporate quickly from the hair a few minutes after the cap is removed and there is no need to rinse the hair after the treatment is done.

We recommend combing the hair with a thick lice comb after the first treatment, to remove all lice and nits from the treated head and as preparation for the second treatment, taking place after 24 hours.

In light of the lice life-cycle and since nits hatch after about a week, it is highly recommended to complete the treatment with all 4 capsules in the capsule pack and to repeat the treatment twice more, after one week and after two weeks following the first treatment.  Repetition of use is required to ensure that nits that may have survived the first treatment and hatched will be destroyed and removed from the head before they are able create a new lice colony.

It should be emphasized that in cases of severe infection, large lice and nit colony as well as for long and tangled hair, the initial treatment may require and additional repetition.

Read the instruction of use insert located in the capsule pack, and we also highly recommend to watch the training video before using the Novokid device. Following all of the instructions and ensuring proper use is essential for best results.

Some lice will die immediately during the first treatment and fall off and some may begin a dying process. All lice and nits should be removed from the head after the treatment, we recommend using a thick lice comb at the end of the first treatment as well as after the second treatment.

At the end of the treatment, once the cap is removed, a slight odor of vinegar and rosemary will be felt, which naturally evaporates from the hair shortly afterwards.

During the treatment there should be no smell at all. If you experience an odor during the treatment, make sure that the cap is firmly placed on the head, forehead and over the ears and that there are no holes or tears in the cap.

Lice feed on human blood and injure the scalp while doing so. An itching sensation may be caused as result of the contact of the active substances vapor with these tiny wounds. It is advisable to avoid as much as possible any scratching of the head during treatment. The need to scratch the head is a positive sign, indicating that the active ingredients are effectively reaching all parts of the scalp. Try to use patience during the 10 minutes of treatment and avoid touching the head all together. For the most part, the itching sensation naturally stops after a few minutes from treatment completion.

The active ingredients in the capsule are free from chemical, pesticides and silicone, 100% natural and plant-based, released in dry-vapor form and designed to avoid any harm nor damage to the hair and scalp.

Vinegar are Rosemary oil are well known to have health properties that supports and improve a healthy look and feel of the hair and scalp, leaving the hair pleasant and soft to the touch and assist in repelling lice and in keeping them away from climbing your head once again.

Keep the device out of the reach of children, in its original packaging and at room temperature. Do not roll the tube around the device. The capsule should not be used after the expiry date. For additional instructions see the user manual insert located in the capsule pack.

In most cases, redness caused over the skin naturally passes a few minutes after treatment completion. In exceptional cases, it is advisable to consult with your family doctor.

Avoid the use of Novokid in case of known hypersensitivity to vinegar or rosemary.

The device has not been tested on pregnant women and despite it being a 100% natural care, it is best to consult your doctor before use.

Novokid is a natural care, free from chemicals, pesticides and silicone and therefore may require some patience in use. In some cases, lice will begin a dying process of a few hours. In cases of long or tangled hair, lice may hide from the vinegar and rosemary vapor in small air pockets and may get only partially damaged. Therefore, we highly recommend combing the hair thoroughly with a thick lice comb and remove all lice and nits from the head after the treatment is completed.

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