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How to Treat & Prevent Head Lice


What is every parent’s big nightmare? That their child is returning from kindergarten or school with new friends on his or her head or that the teacher is reporting a lice infestation at school or kindergarten. Let’s delve into the details on how to prevent lice.

Head lice live on the heads of humans and although it can appear at any age, a lice infestation is extremely common in children. The most common way to get lice infestation is while playing with children. Head lice do not spread disease and have no wings and no ability to jump or fly as is commonly thought. In addition, the length of the hair, unclean hair, and poor hygiene do not increase the risk of being infected with lice because the infection is carried out in direct contact between head to head through crawling. Their lifespan is about 30 days and they feed on blood, by sucking blood from the scalp. It is important to note that lice live on the heads of humans only and lice from dogs or other animals cannot be infected.


How do you identify live lice eggs?

It is not always easy to spot lice because the color varies between gray, brown, and red, and many times the louse is in the color of the hair. The main symptom of infection is a nagging itching on the scalp. The itching is mainly felt in the center of the scalp and behind the ears and can also cause difficulty sleeping because the lice are more active during the hours of darkness. Head lice lay about 10 eggs a day and while laying the egg the louse secretes a substance that sticks the egg to its hair, making it difficult to remove it.

There are several methods and preparations on the market for the treatment and prevention of lice but before the treatment phase, it is worth knowing how to locate them. The most effective way is to apply conditioner on the hair, separate the hair into sections, and comb the hair from the scalp to the ends of the hair. After each combing, one should check in good light if there are lice or lice eggs on the comb teeth. You can also use toilet paper to wipe the conditioner off the comb to more easily check for lice or lice eggs. If you find one, take a deep breath and move on to the next step – treating lice.


Natural treatment for lice

Looking for a quick and painless lice treatment and want to know how to kill lice eggs? Novokid has released an effective kit for treating lice in children with an anti-lice preparation that includes a cap, reusable device, capsules, and a comb for treating and preventing lice and lice eggs. Place the cap on the child’s head, attach the capsule to the device and cap and operate the device until the cap is completely swollen, and wait about ten minutes until the treatment is completed. At the end of the treatment, it is recommended to remove the lice and lice eggs with the help of a lice comb that comes in the kit.

How to kill lice eggs? The active ingredient in the capsule is based on herbal ingredients; Rosemary vinegar and oil, which penetrate lice and lice eggs, attack the lice’s respiratory system and kill them. The capsule does not contain pesticides and chemicals.

Novokid has been approved for use by the Ministry of Health in Israel. This is an innovative technology and a completely natural treatment, which also does not require overlap after the treatment. The device in the kit fumes the natural vinegar and rosemary from the capsule into the treatment cap. The rosemary oil vapor damages the lice’s respiratory system and causes the lice and lice eggs to move away from the head.

To prevent lice, it is recommended to use an anti-lice preparation once a week.

There are several benefits to using Novokid for natural treatment. Beyond the fact that the treatment is completely natural, effective in eradicating lice and there are no side effects, it also saves a lot of time over the combing method. The comb method requires a lot of patience, which is often lacking for children and adults who have their heads examined. Therefore, it is a very effective solution, which saves time and does not require much patience.

In addition to the natural treatment of Novokid, there are other methods for the treatment and prevention of lice – treatment with vinegar, treatment of lice with baking soda, electric lice comb, and other local preparations on the market.


Lice treatment with vinegar

Vinegar is an anti-lice substance that helps dissolve the sticky secretion that lice eggs attach to the hair. Vinegar does not kill lice but it is effective in making it easier to remove lice eggs from the hair. Vinegar can be used as a rinse several days after lice treatment. Mix half a cup of vinegar with half a cup of water, rub the scalp and hair well with vinegar and then comb the hair and rinse as usual with anti-lice shampoo. It is important to note that in the Novokid preparation, the natural vinegar fumes that are active in the substance found in the capsules damage the lice’s respiratory system and cause them to be destroyed.


Lice treatment with baking soda

As stated, an effective way to locate lice is through combing with a conditioner. You can add baking soda powder to the conditioner. Although baking soda powder is not an anti-lice substance and does not kill the lice, it helps to better grip the hair while combing.

There are more effective ways than treating lice with baking soda, which we will detail below.


Electric Lice Comb

Electronic lice comb is another method for destroying and removing lice eggs and lice, also a solution without chemicals. The comb kills the lice and lice eggs as soon as it comes in contact with them. Compared to many preparations on the market including Novokid which is only suitable for children over the age of 4, the comb is suitable for all ages including preschool.


How to Prevent Lice

It’s important to know how to prevent lice and much preferable to dealing with it retroactively. First of all, it is important to know that lice in the hair feed on the blood of the scalp and do not survive beyond two days if they fall from the human head. Because lice are in direct head-to-head contact, it is recommended to collect hair to prevent infection and to keep lice away from hair. If you thought otherwise, it also catches on when you take selfies with a boyfriend or girlfriend! In addition to collecting hair, it is advisable to teach children to avoid as much direct contact as possible head-to-head with friends while playing, and also not to share or borrow hats, towels, hairbrushes, combs, etc. from their friends. If lice are found then preventative measures should be taken, it is recommended to wash clothes, towels, and bedding in boiling water and also soak combs and brushes in warm water. If there are objects or dolls that the child sleeps with and cannot be washed, they can be put in a closed plastic bag for two weeks to kill the lice and lice eggs that live on them. Although it is important to note that lice feed on blood every few hours and do not survive long outside the scalp. The heat of the scalp helps them survive so they do not live long in bedding, furniture, or anywhere else outside the hair.

Tips On How To Prevent Lice & Re-infection

If lice are found in one of the family members, it is advisable to perform treatment against lice in the whole family. In addition, it is advisable to also tell the parents of the children’s friends that they too will undergo lice treatment at their family members. It is important to understand that treatment with an anti-lice preparation does not prevent re-infection and therefore one should take precautionary measures as detailed here and it is also recommended to check with a comb once a week to check that there are no dead lice eggs in the hair. In addition, it is recommended to wash the hair with an anti-lice shampoo on a regular basis, which contains rosemary oil to prevent lice, but it is important to know that covering the head with an anti-lice shampoo is not a substitute for treating lice and is only a contraceptive.

For the treatment and prevention of lice, it is recommended to use only products that have been proven to be effective in destroying lice in the hair. Chemical treatments that once worked are no longer effective in killing lice because they have developed immunity to it.

This article has examined the treatment and prevention measures against lice and various methods available in the market. In addition, the article addresses important issues such as “how to identify live lice eggs” and it also breaks down common myths such as how lice are infected. It can be seen that treatment with a Novokid preparation is particularly safe and effective as a treatment and also prevention of lice, which is an excellent and simple solution to every parent’s lice nightmare! Despite this, other ways such as treating vinegar and treating lice with baking soda are less effective in treating lice and tend to work primarily to prevent lice. It can be seen in the article that the quickest and easiest treatment against lice is with Novokid preparation, and the most effective method to prevent lice is to comb the hair with conditioner once a week.

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