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A 100% natural, plant-based, dry, short and easy anti-lice & nits treatment.

Finally! An anti-lice treatment that will actually work, and it's 100% naturally based!


We have all been there, either as a child embarrassingly getting sent home from school because you caught lice or worse, the parent that has to now deal with the harsh chemical treatments and constant combing just praying it will be over. Lice is unavoidable, annoying, and keeps coming back year after year! The cycle seems like it is never ending and honestly is even more so embarrassing. Time stands still when dealing with lice treatments, you buy the most expensive product, go home, wash your hair, comb the life out of your head and still after two weeks the problem still stands. We know the feeling and that’s why we are here to help.

“After trying countless lice treatments this one is definitely my favourite, it didn’t leave my hair in a greasy mess and finally the lice stopped coming back!”

"My 8 year old daughter gets sent home every year from school due to lice, she gets so embarrassed because they pull her out of class in front of her friends and make her stay home until the lice is completely treated. I was at my wit’s end until I found this product after a couple of treatments it was completely gone!! I felt like finally we have gotten through this once and for all!!"

Well now those days are over and not only will it be quick and easy but it’s natural and chemical free! Introducing Novokid the first all natural, plant-based anti-lice treatment that will eliminate all your worries and frustrations.


Eliminate your frustrations!


Are you sick of using harsh chemicals on your own child and are so frustrated because you know it will never work?


Novokid is a plant-based anti-lice treatment that is 100% natural based on vinegar and Rosemary oil. Novokid has no chemical, pesticides and is silicone free. The Novokid reusable device is based on a unique vaporizing (evaporation) technology of the natural ingredients contained in the disposable capsules.

With our unique vapor technology, the vinegar and Rosemary oil are injected in a dry vapor form into the head cap, filling it up and damaging the respiratory system of the lice and nits (lice eggs). Some lice and nits will be killed immediately during the first treatment and some will begin a few hours dying process. 

Novokid capsules are disposable and free from chemical, pesticides and silicone, containing vinegar and rosemary oil. These are natural, plant-based components. The treatment is dry and short and non-greasy; therefore, it does not require a hair wash. The Novokid device and the treatment cap are reusable. The treatment capsules are disposable, one capsule is required for each treatment and should be disposed of after use.



Break the cycle


One of the most challenging parts of treating lice is they seem to always come back.


Novokid is the ONLY product in the market that will naturally get rid of lice and nits. Lice are very resistant and have developed a strong immunity to most treatments found on the market today. Lice and eggs that endure these treatments continue to multiply on a child’s head, even if the parent has completed both the treatment and the combing. 

The problem is repeated when children go to kindergarten or school and come into contact with the heads of children who have not been treated thoroughly. 

This is why we often see the recurrence of the problem after a few days, even following treatment. To ensure the prevention of lice infestation, it is recommended to use only products that have been shown to be effective in preventing head lice and to be used once a week.


“My daughter had lice, I couldn't believe it! Tried the other lice products like 4 times and they kept coming back and I combed her hair every night for hoursssss!!!! Most frustrating thing in the world. I went for this product to try my luck and finally something that actually works, easy to use, and really nice on the hair. Highly recommended to anyone I know!


The safest anti-lice treatment!


Would you use harsh chemicals on your child and loved ones?


Novokid is certified as a CE approved (Class I Medical Device) as well as by the MHRA and the Israeli Ministry of Health. (no. 28130001). Novokid is designed for use from 4 years of age and under adult supervision. 

The head cap is one-size and the Novokid treatment is also suitable for adults. Unlike Silicon which is found in most lice treatment shampoo’s  Novokid uses the most essential remedies for the treatment, Rosemary and Vinegar. The key benefits of Rosemary include antioxidants and anti- inflammation agents, soothes dry and itchy scalp, promotes nerve growth and improves circulation. Vinegar is a detoxifying agent and cleanser all in one. 

The acidic component helps lower the pH and brings hair health back to balance. Vinegar is also rich in vitamins C & B which helps naturally exfoliate scalp skin.

“The lice were taking over so bad that I didn’t care anymore what harsh chemicals and shampoo’s I was using as long as it got the job done!!!! I thought there was just no other alternative! My friend recommended this product to me and since I will try anything I went for it. Thank God for this product! Not only did it eliminate the lice, it was all natural and even made my hair feel amazing!”

Connecting the capsule: Take one capsule from the capsule case and screw it into the connector on the cap until a “click” is heard, indicating that the capsule has been properly pierced (make sure the capsule cap is properly secured). Next, attach the other end of the capsule to the connector on the tube end. Another “click” should be heard, indicating that the capsule was pierced by the connector on its other side. Now the capsule is pierced at both ends, while connecting the cap to the tube, and treatment can be started. 



The treatment cap should be worn on the head with the caption BACK located exactly at the back of the head. Make sure that all hair ends and the ears are completely covered by the cap, securely tighten the silicone band in front of the cap on the forehead and in front of the ears. 

Before attaching the capsule to the cap, gently squeeze the cap and completely drain it from all the air contained in it. This step is vital to the success of the treatment and to maintaining maximum concentration of active substance inside the cap, so that it is not diluted with air. This is essential to the success of the treatment! The Novokid cap is reusable and can be cleaned with a wet wipe

Turn on the device: Press the button on The Novokid device briefly, the green light will turn on. During treatment the device will operate and inflate the cap several times. While waiting in between inflations, the green light will flash. Once the treatment is complete, the green light will turn off. If a red light comes on, the batteries should be replaced. 

Occasionally, a slight feeling of itching and tingling may occur during the treatment. Such sensations are expected and indicate that the treatment is working. The need to scratch the head is a positive sign, indicating that the active ingredients are effectively reaching all parts of the scalp. Nonetheless, try to avoid scratching of the head while the treatment is on. The treatment is approximately ten minutes long. When the treatment ends the green light will turn off. We recommend waiting a few additional minutes before removing the cap to maximize the effect.


Once treatment is completed, it is recommended to leave the cap and active substance vapors on the head for a few more minutes, to increase efficiency and the exposure of the lice and eggs to the vinegar and rosemary vapors. Then, remove the cap from the head by gently pulling it back, while making sure to avoid any contact with the eyes. The treatment is dry and the hair does not get wet at all. Don’t worry, the vinegar and rosemary vapor odor will evaporate and disappear within about 15 minutes after the treatment.

Unscrew the capsule from the cap and tube and discard it. Note that the connectors remain attached to the cap and tube so that they are not accidentally thrown in the trash. We recommend putting the used capsule in a bag before its disposal, to avoid any odor in the home. *Please note: Connecting and disconnecting of the capsule from the connectors are performed with circular movement. When disconnecting the capsule, make sure that the connectors remain connected to the cap and device. At the end of the treatment discard the used capsule. 

We recommend deposing it within a sealed bag. Make sure that the capsule is properly disconnected from the connector, and that the connectors in the device and in the cap are not disposed alongside the used capsule.

“Honestly this product saved my son’s hair and sanity!!!. I tried everything from at home treatments, over the counter products, combing and combing with different nit brushes, I was at my breaking point!!! Then I found this product. It was so easy to use, the instructions were simple and after trying it a couple of rounds my son decided he wanted to try it by himself! Seriously buy this product YOU WILL BE LICE FREE! And I recommend this product to anyone who is struggling because it WORKS.” 

Novokid is not just another lice treatment, we are people who share the same pain and decided to do something about it, lice and nits should not be a recurring problem ever again!

  • Novokid Device: Innovative Reusable vapor device
  • Hair Cap: Reusable one-size treatment cap
  • 4 CapsulesVinegar & rosemary oil 100% plant based ingredients 

Priced at only $79.90 compared to the original price of $160, You will save 50% off! This is a limited-time offer and will end soon. The Novokid Starter Kit is an innovative and scientifically proven lice treatment that is 100% natural, dry and only takes a few minutes. This is the ONLY product you need to finally eliminate lice and nits once and for all. 

The Novokid Starter Kit


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Rated 4.6 / 5.0 

$79.90 $160 – Save $80


 100% Natural & Safe 
Effectively removes lice & eggs
Free from chemicals, pesticides & silicon
Dry, short & fast lice care
Innovative & patented technology
Quick and pain-free care
Does not require daily combing

Customer Reviews

Rated 4.6 / 5.0

Gioia Caminada


Good product!

Good product, the treatment works and is kind on hair and skin. Can also be used by adults. 

Rated 4.6 / 5.0 

Annie G.



I really recommend working a treat though if the child has long hair like my daughter (down to her bottom) you will have to teat a second time the next day but all in all I have no faults



Relax and easy treatment anti-lice

Just used the NOVOKID lice treatment for kids on my 5 year old and also on my self lol. ‏Loved it. So simple to use and it’s a natural lice treatment. The very most of them died on the spot and in a few treatments it will ‏completely remove the problem

Kelly Goodwin



I have been using Novokid [for] one year and love it. It is so easy to use. Loved the dry care. FANTASTIC!



Would recommend

I've used it in addition to a lice lotion but I am sure I felt less itchy after the treatment


100% natural & plant based

Pesticide free

Silicone free

Simple 10-minute treatment

No need to shampoo or wash

Scientifically proven


How does it work?


Feeling like you are the only one struggling?


Novokid is here for you. Let’s go through the steps together:


The hair must be completely dry, free from creams, gels, lotions and hair accessories. Ears should be completely covered by the hair cap and the silicone band placed straight and tight over the forehead. It is important to make sure that the cap fully covers the hair and ears. Also, before beginning the treatment, be sure to squeeze out all air out from the cap, in order to maintain the high concentration of active ingredients inside the cap.

In light of the lice life-cycle and since nits hatch after about a week, it is highly recommended to complete the treatment with all 4 capsules in the capsule pack and to repeat the treatment twice more, after one week and after two weeks following the first treatment.  Repetition of use is required to ensure that nits that may have survived the first treatment and hatched will be destroyed and removed from the head before they are able create a new lice colony. 

It should be emphasized that in cases of severe infection, large lice and nit colony as well as for long and tangled hair, the initial treatment may require an additional repetition. Read the instruction of use insert located in the capsule pack, and we also highly recommend to watch the training video before using the Novokid device. Following all of the instructions and ensuring proper use is essential for best results.

When connecting the capsule, a “click” sound will be heard and the cap will fully inflate over the head. Novokid treatment is dry, the remaining smell of vinegar and Rosemary will evaporate quickly from the hair a few minutes after the cap is removed and there is no need to rinse the hair after the treatment is done. We recommend combing the hair with a thick lice comb after the first treatment, to remove all lice and nits from the treated head and as preparation for the second treatment, taking place after 24 hours. 


 Join us today and enjoy The Novokid Starter Kit which includes:

100% natural & plant based

Pesticide free

Silicone free