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Get all the information you need to prevent, identify, and treat head lice.

What causes lice? Learn about lice symptoms, signs you have lice, causes, prevention, and treatment so you can deal with lice effectively.

Super lice are a strain of head lice that have become resistant to conventional, over-the-counter lice treatments.

As a teacher, you’ll need to be extra-careful about head lice.

The truth is, there are several treatment options that work and several that are nothing more than popular rumors. Here are the best lice treatments (tested and proven) and the ones you should avoid.

Head Lice Treatment Resources

Your child came home with head lice and you want it gone yesterday. We get it. Get 3 simple steps to the best lice treatment, and get rid of lice fast.

If you’re going to try a home remedy for lice, it’s important to know which ones actually work and how best to use them.

A lice comb buying guide and lice comb FAQs 

A comprehensive guide to identifying and treating lice bites

It can be very unnerving, then, when you’ve completed the second recommended head lice treatment … and your scalp still itches!

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Many times, parents and hair care professionals choose to use a lice comb, even if their treatment method doesn’t require it. Lice combs are especially helpful for removing nits—which most treatments can’t touch.

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Is It Head Lice? Diagnosis Resources

It’s not difficult to diagnose or check for head lice once you know what to pay attention to.

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woman itching head lice

Lice Vs Dandruff

If you, or someone in your family, starts suffering from an itchy scalp and soon notices small, white specs in the hair, the first question

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Preventing Head Lice

Fortunately, preventing head lice is pretty simple. A short list of best practices can keep you and your family very well protected.

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Lice are tiny parasites that live exclusively on humans. There are a few different types of lice, including head lice, which can only survive on the human scalp.

But where did these bugs come from? And how did they get from there to your child’s hair? And, perhaps most importantly, how do you prevent and treat them?

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Head Lice FAQs

Learn the difference between lice facts and common lice myths. Do lice like clean hair? Do black people get lice? You might be surprised!

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Head Lice Biology

A louse, also known as Phthiraptera, is a very small, wingless, parasitic insect. There are almost 5,000 varieties of lice living on almost every species of bird and mammal in the world.

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Effectively treating head lice is easier when you understand the lice life cycle. Knowing the stages of their life cycle, and how long each one generally lasts, can help you make the best decisions about treatments and prevention.

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Remove Lice & Nits with The Complete Lice Treatment Kit From Novokid™

Lice vs. Dandruff: How to Tell the Difference

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How to Check for Lice

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