Frequently Asked Questions

Is Novokid officially certified?

Yes. Novokid was certified as a CE approved Class I Medical Device by the MHRA and the Israeli Ministry of Health.

What makes Novokid kit unique and how does it work?

Novokid kit includes a device which works using a unique vaporization technology, which evaporates an active ingredient contained in the capsule. This technology pumps air into the cap which penetrates the lice and eggs and kills them. The capsule contains natural ingredients only which are derived from plants, and is free from pesticides and silicone.

The formula’s active ingredient is acetic acid, which flows into the cap, penetrates the lice and nits and kills them.

What do I need to do before the treatment?

Please read the instruction manual and watch the training video before using the device. Following the instructions and ensuring proper use is essential for best results.

How do I remove the lice following the treatment?

Once the treatment is completed, we recommend removing the lice using the comb included in the kit.

Is there an odor emitted during treatment?

Yes, during treatment there may be a slight vinegar odor which will disappear after a short while.

Is the cap reusable?

Yes, the cap can be reused and cleaned as needed.

Does the hair need to be dry?

Yes, to make sure the treatment is effective, hair must be dry, clean and free of hair products or accessories.

Is Novokid suitable as a preventative maintenance treatment?

Absolutely. For maximum effectiveness and to maintain your child’s hair hygiene we recommend to carry out the treatment every 7 days.

Does Novokid contain pesticides?

No. Novokid is 100% pesticides free! consisting of all natural, plant-based ingredients

What is the recommended age for using Novokid?

Novokid is recommended for age 4 and up.

Can Novokid be used to treat eggs as well?


What should I do if redness or sensitivity appear on the ears or the skin?

In most cases, the redness will pass after about 15 minutes. In rare cases, please consult your doctor.

Does Novokid damage the hair?

The active ingredient is 100% natural and from a plant-based and does not damage the hair.

How do I store the device when I’m done?

Keep out of reach of children, in its original packaging and at room temperature. Do not use the capsule after the expiry date printed on the capsule. Do not wind the tube around the device.

Who can I contact for help and assistance during treatment?

You can contact the Novomik call center for advice and for product orders: *8549