About Novokid

Novomic Ltd is proud to present Novokid:

A 100% natural, plant-based, dry, short and easy anti-lice & nits treatment.

Novokid uses and Israeli innovative, patented technology to vaporize natural plant based ingredients to treat lice & nits.

NOVOKID is a 100% natural treatment, free from chemical, pesticide and silicon.



  • 1
    Place the cap
    over the head

  • 2
    Connect the capsule
    to the cap and device

  • 3
    Turn on the device
    and wait for 10 minutes

Why is Novokid Recommended?

  • 100% Natural & plant based

  • Pesticide free

  • Silicone free

  • Simple 10-minute treatment

  • No need to shampoo or wash

  • Scientifically proven

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